Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), or ‘Google page #1 management’ as we often refer to it, has one goal: To rank first for relevant keywords in search engines. It is one of the four pillars of our integrated approach. This part is explicitly aimed at putting your company in the spotlight, far ahead of your competition.



Interestingly both small and big companies have the same chances to achieve this goal. For this reason we first of all analyse relevant business niches where your company is located. Based on that we conduct a keyword study which helps your company to differentiate from your competition.
The revealed keywords will be used for several communication channels, such as your website, blogs, fora, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, etc. In case there are other websites related to your business, we will establish cooperation to increase referral traffic.

The unique advantage of this approach is that all results are quantifiable and tangible. operates with certified SEO and SEA experts that help you leverage maximum results.Key performance indicators (KPIs) will be made available to you to allow statistically relevant decisions – no gut feelings required.

Do you want your website to be analysed for free? We are happy to provide you with some first insights. Just let us know and we will get back to you with a first, brief analysis.

Scoring High on Google: Some Ingredients

Scoring high on Google has become increasingly difficult compared to 5 years ago. The competition is dense and Google’s algorithms are continuously improved. There are basically two forms of SEO: White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO. sticks to White Hat SEO to make sure that your website won’t get penalized for spam or other questionable activities. And even though keywords are very important for a good website ranking, we also focus on other domains, such as website speed, backlinks, page and domain authority, etc.

Golden Combination: Keywords, Search Volume & Niches

Keywords, search volumes, and competition build a fundament for internet-based businesses. Search volumes of only a few hundred requests per month can already provide a lucrative basis for online success. The focus on keyword-niche combinations establishes your web authority step by step and eventually determines a steady positioning. The sum of relevant search volumes and other relevant metrics are used as an estimator for your online target group.

Analytics: Making Use of Numbers

We continuously analyse your website and campaign results to determine the success of our work and be able to make decisions about further steps. Weakly performing activities will be further analysed and adjusted where possible. This way we ensure our clients constant progress. Analysing user behaviour metrics, such as traffic sources and targets, in-page hotspots, search terms, etc. fundamentally contributes to SEO and conversion optimization. By request we also create thorough visitor profiles to reveal who your audience is and how they look like.

Interaction Design: From Visitor to Client

Our team includes experienced A/B-testing specialists which constantly work on the improvement of conversion rates. In our opinion SEO shouldn’t stop when people reach your website through search engines. Instead this process should provide a user experience that converts your visitors into customers. For this reason A/B testing goes along with Interaction Design. The integrated approach of our interaction designers helps to create intuitive interfaces for an effective and unique user experience.